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How To Get Great Market Research For Your App Idea

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Which means you’ve started using it! An awesome program idea that involves flying birds that you will need to get to the protection of some plumbing. It’s an indisputable fact which will have people flocking to this program store to download your own creation. You’re going to be feted by the big boys, all thinking about how you made it happen. But wait, there is just a Flappy Bird app that has been, until recently, wildly successful.

Now what? This wouldn’t have happened if you AirShou had only done some research. I know, I understand, the word “research” frees you with panic and boredom. But without solid research performed, you might just wind up with nothing but a lot of wasted time and wasted money.

Let me help by showing you how to execute an easy evaluation of the marketplace for your app.

To begin with, who’s the market for your app? You need to describe and target a certain class or “niche”. There are just two ways that you can aim market. You’re able to go broad or micro. Bear in mind, even if you’re getting after a broad market, you’re still targeting a specific niche, albeit a very wide niche (as an instance, men between the ages of 18 and 65 who like fishing).

Characteristics of this Micro-Niche Market

With a micro-niche market, although small in potential size, the more traffic you can receive is exceptionally targeted and may lead to some high conversion speed. Examples of these sorts of programs incorporate the ones who cater to medical professionals, attorneys, gym owners, etc.. By having a respectful crowd, you are able to actually pre-validate your idea very well.

Steps To Validate Your App Idea

Some ways you can start supporting your app idea is by simply speaking with business owners in your specialty about their pain points. Ask them which of their issues they would be willing to pay to address their issues. By doing this, you have already identified that the customer, their requirement and may now tailor your idea to fulfill that need.

Another path to leverage from the pre-validation process will be to get out to bloggers and opinion leaders in your niche and ask them exactly what they think about your program idea of course when they would be happy to examine out it when developed. By doing this, you have an immediate advertising link with your potential end users.

Aspects of this Broad Niche Market

When targeting a wider market, you have to consider the total program eco system. The first stop should be re searching the Apple appstore and Google Play Store to obtain those sections which can be popular and trending.

How to Identify Trends at the Appstore

First, go over to the App Charts segment of this Appstore. You may navigate the graphs in your device or in the iTunes app. It’s important to remember that the app-store in your smartphone as well as in I tunes will show the app-store for your country (this is based on the method that you connected to the application). Each nation’s App Store will reveal layouts specific to their region. You can change the country simply by going in the iTunes Store and scrolling down to the bottom right corner. There you are able to change the nation by hitting the flag of one’s selection.

Bear in mind that the App Charts change regularly and some experts recommend tracking this area usually as you are researching your program idea.

A fantastic place to search is the Best Grossing Charts section while you will certainly see exactly what apps and genres are powerful. It’s very important to note that leaders with this chart generate their earnings via in-app purchases.

Another area that teaches you revenue-creating programs is the Best Paid Records section. And don’t forget to examine into the Very Best Free Charts area that may give you the list of these free apps becoming the very best downloads. Free programs usually get at least 10 times the downloads of most paid apps.

The way To Check out App Trends Out this Appstore

You are able to leverage Google Trends to find out what keywords are popular worldwide. Be sure to monitor the most widely used search terms overall as well as the rising search conditions.

Using Google Trends, you can set different parameters to focus your efforts. It’s very important to set a time frame that is less than 1-2 months therefore that you can be sure you’re seeing the very important results. Additionally, select special categories that’ll automatically generate the most popular keyphrases for the categories.


Google Trends usually simply shows one of the top search engine results. If you wish to observe a much bigger list, simply download the CSV file.

Still another thing you must use could be the Google Keyword Tool. By plugging in your search phrases into this particular tool, you’re going to likely be given the exact level of searches monthly plus a suggested set of related searches.


You certainly are able to certainly do a deep dive into your results by going into the “Advance Options and Filters” tab and set it to bring you the results that relate with:mobile devices with full internet browsers” and then place the match type to “exact match”. Using this method you will become very precise outcomes related to the way folks search on their own smartphones.

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