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About Plumbing Vents and Their Purpose in Your Plumbing System

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Also referred as ‘the venting system’, plumbing vents are special types of pipes or a network of pipes that lead from one home appliance to the outside environment. They usually lead to the roof of your house but you can also place them somewhere else, if you want to. They are usually composed of several pipes that serve their purpose well, all the time.

Importance of Plumbing Vents

Plumbing vents may be new to your ears but they are not new in the plumbing industry. They have always been part of plumbing and play a very important role that you’ll later appreciate. They are so important in plumbing because they carry sewer gases from appliances to the outside world Plumbing Atlanta, GA.

Instead of carrying water inside your house, as normal pipes do, these special pipes help prevent sewer gases to get into your home that could potentially make you sick. They provide a safe and effective gas passage so you and your family can sit in your couch comfortably without the nasty smell of sewer gases.

Aside from allowing oxygen to enter your piping and making sure that both water and waste move properly through the pipes, vents are also responsible in maintaining neutral air pressure in your piping system. Neutral air pressure must be well maintained to avoid either positive air pressure or negative air pressure to overwhelm your plumbing system. Too much of positive or negative air pressure cause sewer gases to enter your home and you won’t like the smell of those gases.

With all these information, it’s safe to say that these vents are indeed significant in a plumbing system. However, you must know that vents are not necessary to be installed. Yes, they are important but they are not mandatory to every household. While plumbing vents are important, there are unique cases that a plumbing system may not be of need of vents. If you’re not using modern, not to mention expensive, piping then that’s the time that vents are a must in your house.

According to building codes, a home with appliances must have traps in them to prevent gases from entering into the home. Plumbing vents are the traps that can play the role. So, it’s up to you if you want them installed or not.

Can clogs get into vents?

Yes. Even though these pipes are considered special, they are still pipes and they are not invincible to clogs. When winter comes, ice can just build and cause clogs to build up on vents which can affect their performance. Small debris and even small animal’s dead body can clog the vents which is why it’s necessary that you check them often.

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