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Shark Attacks – Should I Go Swimming?

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There are people who are scared of nature. Not just the discomfort of prickly matters but a true panic. Snakes and spiders can bring it on or the dread of lightning once we hear thunder. For some folks this panic is so intense it could prevent us from enjoying time out doors.

Subsequently there are sharks. What exactly is it about these? We appear to loose rhyme and reason when these critters are concerned.

Back in Australia, where swimming at the sea is just the best all year around, there's paranoia about sharks. Our favorite beaches have baits which should dissuade sharks but additionally purge and drown any variety of additional marine animals. Helicopters and blog website in Australia airplanes fly the city shores spotting for the big ones. And the surf life savers who do such a fantastic job looking for people experiencing the surf, continue to keep their eyes open to the black fin.

Then there's the press. They just love the pictures of jagged jaws, razorsharp teeth and also the likelihood of exactly what this type of mixture may do to a arm or a leg. And why would they love it? They think it's great because we do.

The truth is the fact that the odds of coming to grief in "the crazy" are very low. Since records began in Australia no body has died out of a snake snack. Normally, only two different people annually die from snake bites, whilst lightning strikes kill between 5 and 10 people each year. Yet in work-a-day Australia around 380 individuals are murdered, 1,600 are killed in road injuries and 2000 expire in a job related injury or work related disease every year. Statistically at least, it seems much safer in nature than in the metropolis.

And think about the sharks? Typically shark strikes result in less than 2 deaths per year. That's just 2 reported deaths a year compared to inch per day for homicides and over 4 per day to the roads. The media could move into a frenzy after each shark episode but though it were only about amounts there's no justification. The fear is real though and also the statistics might always be questioned. No uncertainty we view fewer injuries in nature in comparison with the city because few of us spend some moment there. We're too busy attempting to cross the trail for work.

The interesting thing is that individuals take in daily job accidents, road deaths, pollution, homicide, stress and hazardous chemicals as cause for early demise of the brethren; yet we are fearful of nature's perils. Heaven forbid a shark could kill one of us in the water, once in a very blue moon.